Host Training

Host with menus

A host is much more than just a person who seats guests. They are the face of the establishment!


This position is so critical that it requires qualified people at a decent pay.

Learning the responsibilities, understanding how actions affect everyone, and how first impressions can change guests first visit is vital to the profitability of the establishment. 


From the time guests come in a host will control when the guests are seated, which servers will be taking care of them, and this, in turn, controls the pace at which orders will enter the kitchen. A host is also the LAST defense when it comes to preventing a guest from leaving unhappy.  


In the host section of the book, hosts will learn how and why to perform specific actions, why respect and communication are vital for guest satisfaction, and they will learn new techniques which have been proven successful in many establishments.


Some topics are:


  • The counting system

  • Knowing your servers

  • Handling  seating situations

  • Open menu

  • And much more


Counting System - Tiana Hanson