Manager Training

Manager in kitchen

The most important advice I can give is to "Delegate and Follow Through."


Managers are the most influential teachers and coaches for the staff.


When managers understand and act on the companies vision statement, mission statement, and the core values, which is considered the foundation of what the company stands for, they help create the culture and atmosphere of the establishment, which is then transferred to the staff and then to the guests.


Being able to teach, follow-through, have on-going training, listen, appreciate, and respect the staff is some of the missing pieces an establishment needs to be successful. 


This book will help managers learn how and why to perform specific tasks, new ideas to solve multiple problems, and the importance of delegating and following through on what is said.


Here are a few topics I talk about:


  • Exit reviews - why

  • Incentives - what kinds

  • Interviews - how

  • Logbooks - a minimum of 4 

  • Scheduling - things to keep in mind

  • Server checkouts - a managers role in them

  • Social media - other ways to use

  • Teamwork - how to promote and why

  • Training programs - not just basics


Employee Turnover - Tiana Hanson