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Buisness men talking

Knowledge is Understanding

Understanding leads to Respect

Respect leads to Unity

What makes this book different?


It teaches how to use Soft Skills rather than the technical aspects taught in schools and other books, and every topic is straightforward. I talk about why they are necessary, the effects they can have, and in many cases, how to apply them to get positive results. 



Here are a few essential skills the book covers to help create awareness and understanding.


  1. Appreciation - The right ways to show others that we care.

  2. Culture - Creating a culture to retain staff, making it a fun place to work, and where everyone is working together for the same goals.

  3. Individual Actions - What you do, how you do it, what you say, and how you mean it has tremendous effects on those around you.

  4. Respect - This is earned or lost through individual actions - no matter what position a person holds.

  5. Training - Soft skills, on-going, and follow-through are essential

  6. Unity  (teamwork) - Creating unity includes EVERYONE in the restaurant - FOH and BOH.