Server Training

Server putting food on table

Servers provide hospitality and create profit by bringing the guests back

Being a server is one of the most challenging positions in the FOH. Not only do they have to perform the required tasks,  but they deal with various personalities of the public and coworkers, need to be a team player, a problem-solver, and to top it all off must always try to smile even when things go wrong.


In this book, servers will discover new tricks to become more efficient, different ways to make the job easier, the importance of communication, teamwork, training, and how respecting one another can be beneficial to all.


Some topics are:


  • The Buddy system

  • The importance of an Expo

  • Problem-solving

  • Saving steps

  • Talking with co-workers or guests

  • Teaching the public

  • Teamwork

  • And much more

Teaching the Public - Tiana Hanson