Creating or Maintaining a Culture - Rules

Rules, Regulations, and Guidelines

Rules, regulations, and guidelines become part of your core values. They state how you will conduct business, but the main focus should not just be on what they say, but how they are being utilized and enforced.

For example:

empoyee handbook

In a restaurant you may want to have a rule concerning cell phones. Many restaurants allow their staff to have their phones on them while they are working but this can be a big distraction. I see people using their phones to look at their messages on Facebook, or text someone, and sometimes right in front of the guests. And I have heard servers' phones ringing while they were taking orders. Allowing staff members to carry their phones while they work distracts them from giving their full attention to the guests and sometimes guests become irritated when they witness this.

A regulation would be, before servers can serve, they must be certified in Alcohol Awareness and Serve Safe.

A guideline would be that anybody who uses a knife must wear special cutting gloves, or, when cutting bread, they must use what some places call a 'duck' which protects the fingers.

Any rule, regulation, or guideline you have set must be enforced. I can not stress this enough! The minute one person gets away with not following them, another person will try the same. You would want to make sure that everything you have written and want staff members to do, is always followed and enforced or the restaurant culture will change. See "Why Your Restaurant Handbook is a Complete Dud"

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