5 Ways on HOW to become a Great Restaurant Leader

boss vs. leader

I have read many articles and have attended many seminars in which people talk about the traits of a great leader. Here are 5 leadership skills they discuss.

  1. They are doers instead of being told what to do

  2. They ask why instead of when, where, or how

  3. They focus on people instead of focusing on tasks

  4. They show how instead of just knowing how

  5. They develop systems instead of just maintaining them

My questions would be:

  1. What do they do?

  2. What do they ask?

  3. Who do they focus on and why

  4. What do they show the people?

  5. What do they develop?

There are many different answers to these questions but here are just a few of my own answers when it comes to staff, guests, or both.

  1. Do -- Leaders jump in to help staff when needed, are always available to solve problems or answer questions, and they are always maintaining the culture through teaching, observing, and enforcing the rules and procedures.

  2. Ask everyone -- “How are you?”, “Do you need anything?”, and “What can I do for you?” Even personal questions like, “How is your mom?" or "What’s your favorite food?”

  3. Who and why -- Every individual (staff and guest) to appreciate their unique qualities and to understand the value each can bring to a company.

  4. Show -- That they listen, understand, and care about everyone's topics through actions and relating information

  5. Develop -- Computer systems that are easy to use, procedures and rules that everyone follows because they are told why, and train constantly so staff members can learn and grow personally or with the company. They form relationships with regulars and potential new guests. They create a culture that staff enjoys and guests want to come to.

Being a great leader requires the understanding of how to utilize soft skills in order to achieve the desired culture, guest relation, growth of the company, and growth of each individual within the company.

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