Now is the time to change!

April 16, 2020



This article is for the owners & managers of restaurants. 


My name is CJ, and I want to help you the only way I know-how 


With all the restaurants closed due to the virus, NOW is the time to learn new ideas that can help deal with staff, guests, and general operations before you reopen.


So what can you do now?


Build your foundation for a culture you want to reduce turnover and unnecessary problems


I know this is hard because I see companies plaster their vision and mission statements all over the restaurant and in handbooks, but are not followed. Do you know them? More importantly, does your staff? 


These statements are the core or the heart of the business. If these are not known or followed by everyone, you had lost the war before you even started fighting the battle.


So how do you start?


 1st - live and breathe the statements and core values

 Ask yourself how you would apply them and how you could teach them to your staff.


2nd - problems- every restaurant has them, but do you know them? 


  1. Call staff

  2. Email staff or

  3. Give your staff a place to go online to talk anonymously. 



Ask them:

Do you know of any problems? And don't forget to ask them if they know of any solutions to them.


 Do you have any ideas to improve the guest experience or make the job easier?


The importance is to make the staff feel important in finding a solution.


 A "We're In this together" feeling.


3rd - Understanding restaurant soft skills are vital to creating a culture you want, so DO NOT bring back the Bad Apples. You can have a server that can take orders, handle the workflow, and do the job superbly, but if they don't get along with the rest of the staff members, they're considered a Bad Apple.



Here's an example of a culture you might want.


When I was a bartender, I noticed my manager seemed a little angry when he asked me for the gun. I said okay, but the bullets are in the kitchen. You should have seen his face - he had to think about that one, then he started laughing. This attitude brings the guests back and lightens the stress load. 


I would love to share more ideas like:


Why you want to "literally" touch tables 

Why you want to use a counting system when seating

Unique ways to keep your staff

And much more


So if you want these ideas, please like or comment on this page. That will tell me that you want to know more.


Thank you

Stay safe stay healthy



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